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Great Googlie Mooglie!

Googlies are the greatest!  You just can't resist their impish smile!

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9" Kestner 221 Googlies!  The Kestner googlie has an irresistible smile....just the thing to improve one's mood!  

Doll #1--an ethnic doll with dark brown glass eyes, black mohair wig in braids, dressed in red dotted swiss cotton, trimmed with lace and white silk ribbon.

Doll #2--an ethnic doll with dark brown glass eyes, black mohair wig in pixie cut, dressed in pink cotton gingham, trimmed with pink grosgain ribbon and pink rickrack.  

Doll #3--bright blue glass eyes, blonde mohair wig, dressed in multi-color cotton print trimmed with daisies, lace and peach ribbon.

  All dolls wear leather shoes, socks (rayon, silk or cotton), and white cotton lace-trimmed drawers.   $175 for undressed doll, $225 for doll as dressed  

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7" K*R 131 Googlie.  This doll has a bisque body.  She has a blonde mohair wig and bright blue glass eyes that smile at you!  Her dress is made of peach organdy with a matching peach silk ribbon in her hair.  She has a cute combination, trimmed with lace and silk ribbon.  She is wearing white shoes.  $175 as dressed  


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16" Hertel Schwab Googlie.  I could not resist dressing one of these cute Hertel Schwab googlies in the Brittany Boy costume that you can find on my patterns-for-sale page.  Even though he's German, this French regional costume suits him so well.  The black wool felt jacket, red wool felt vest and red wool felt gaiters are embroidered in traditional Brittany decoration.  His pantaloons, blouse and romper are white cotton.  His cumberband is yellow silk.  Shoes and black silk socks, as well as his black velvet hat is included.  The doll has a dome head, closed mouth, blue glass eyes that are fixed, and a five piece latex composition body.   SOLD


HSgooglie1C.jpg (63695 bytes)HSgooglie1B.jpg (62862 bytes)HSgooglie1A.jpg (66573 bytes)16" Hertel Schwab Googlie.  Shown here is the last Hertel Schwab googlie that I will make.  This girl is from mold #173.  She has caramel brown glass eyes and a blonde mohair wig with a big peach bow.  She has a five-piece toddler body in latex composition.  She is dressed in a peach dotted Swiss dress trimmed with lace.  Her shoes and rayon socks are new but look great on her.  She is $275, dressed as shown  SOLD


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