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15" Huret Davida Dior:

UFDChuretA2.jpg (133490 bytes)UFDChuretA1.jpg (84779 bytes)UFDChuretA3.jpg (89263 bytes)***UFDChuretB1.jpg (86460 bytes)UFDChuretB2.jpg (84737 bytes)UFDChuretB3.jpg (83291 bytes)***UFDChuretC1.jpg (144313 bytes)UFDChuretC2.jpg (88790 bytes)UFDChuretC3.jpg (80355 bytes)

                   Huret #1---SOLD                                           Huret #2---SOLD                                                    Huret #3

The three Hurets shown in the photos above are AVAILABLE now (Doll #1 & Doll #2 are SOLD).  Please email me for pricing on the dolls and the underwear.  Each of these three dolls uses the Dollspart body similar to the body shown in the first photograph, with the unjointed wrists and the antique gutta percha color.  Underwear shown in the photos is sold separately from doll.

15" Adele Portrait Jumeau:

web-adele1A.jpg (148705 bytes)web-adele1B.jpg (254879 bytes)    SOLD

Shown above is an Adele Portrait Jumeau Adele.  She is sold, but other Adeles will be coming soon.


15" Chantelle Barrois:

   chantelle3.jpg (72891 bytes)   SOLD

The Chantelle shown above is sold now.  Other Chantelles will be coming soon.  


15" Ethnic Huret Davida Dior:

ethnichuret2.jpg (111083 bytes)ethnichuret1.jpg (308415 bytes)ethnichuret3.jpg (101320 bytes)        ethnichuret4.jpg (93499 bytes)ethnichuret5.jpg (133164 bytes)ethnichuret6.jpg (138789 bytes)   These two ethnic Hurets are available....

Above are 2 ethnic Huret dolls.  It's so hard to get a good photograph of them...I think they look so much prettier in person.  The doll on the left has earrings and the Huret body with unjointed wrists.  Her leather collarette perfectly matches her skin color.  The doll on the right has the jointed wrist body and a stamped Huret collarette.  She does not have earrings.  These dolls are available now....


Clothing for the 15" French Fashions:

15outfitA.jpg (232911 bytes)15outfitB.jpg (234368 bytes)  15outfitC.jpg (194479 bytes)15outfitD.jpg (206064 bytes)15outfitE.jpg (198953 bytes)  Both dresses shown are now SOLD.

As time permits, I have been making some doll clothing for these wonderful French Fashion dolls.  Above are two examples.  Both dresses are made with point d'esprit netting and silk taffeta ribbon.  the dresses are each lined with silk.  The turquoise and white dress is available.  Both dresses have been SOLD.  As I have time, more fashions for the 15" French Fashion dolls using the Dollspart body will be available.  Make sure to visit my website often.....  

Please contact me for more information on these dolls and clothing, including pricing, at   


16" French Fashion with Gildebrief body 

All the dolls below are sold.  Until Gildebrief bodies are available again, I will be unable to offer 16" French Fashion dolls like those shown below.  

16lady-jumeauA.jpg (116560 bytes) 16lady-jumeauC.jpg (99210 bytes) Try18-HuretA.jpg (101065 bytes) 16lady-bruA.jpg (104665 bytes) 16lady-bruD.jpg (86901 bytes) 16lady-jumeauB.jpg (70934 bytes) 16lady-bruF.jpg (70684 bytes)

In order from left to right:  

  • Portrait Jumeau with spiral-threaded paperweight eyes

  • Jumeau--Seeley's Lady Margaret mold.  This doll is often used by doll collectors as the "Annabelle" when replicating the items from Tasha Tudor's "A is for Annabelle" book

  • Huret with painted eyes and skin wig

  • Smiling Bru French Fashion

  • Early round-faced Bru French Fashion

  • Photo showing the Gildebrief body (Portrait Jumeau head)

  • Photo showing the Gildebrief body (early Bru head)


12" French Fashion with Gildebrief body:

12-lily1A.jpg (108933 bytes)12-lily1B.jpg (71396 bytes)12-lily1C.jpg (107650 bytes)****12-lily2A.jpg (80587 bytes)12-lily2B.jpg (78540 bytes)****12-simonne1A.jpg (102615 bytes)12-simonne1B.jpg (83902 bytes)

Shown above are three 12" French Fashion dolls.  All three use the Gildebrief French Fashion body.  The first two dolls are Lilys and the third one is a Simonne.  The Lily to the left has pale blue Hand paperweight eyes and  her wig is the Lillian style in dark blonde from Bravot.  The Lily in the middle has a dark brown Bravot Pauline wig and her eyes are a blue threaded Hand Glass paperweight (I think you can see the threading in the photo).  The Simonne to the far right has pale blue Hand paperweight eyes and wears a Bravot Pauline wig in dark blonde.   All dolls are SOLD.  (Note:  I will not be able to offer any 12" French Fashion dolls until Gildebrief bodies are available again)


Very sweet 8" French Fashion:

8FFA.jpg (91778 bytes)8FFB.jpg (75874 bytes)8FFC.jpg (67065 bytes)8FFD.jpg (92061 bytes)8FFE.jpg (70041 bytes) 

8FF-E.jpg (177622 bytes)8FF-G.jpg (147669 bytes)8FF-H.jpg (174404 bytes)8FF-I.jpg (174701 bytes)

#4--8" Smiling Bru French Fashion on small Seeley multi-jointed body.  Although this doll is not all-bisque, she is certainly a small one!  I made only a few of these adorably small French Fashion ladies.  This doll has dark blue paperweight eyes, earrings in her pierced ears and a blonde mohair wig with a braid at the back.  She comes wearing her mesh stockings and black heeled slippers, as well as her superbly made multi-piece underwear.  Many of these 8" French Fashions made by doll artists did not have the bisque shoulderplate which was rather difficult to produce, but I was able to make a perfectly fitting shoulderplate for this doll!   She's so special....I will not be making any more of these.

The dolll is shown in the second row of photos dressed in a lovely blue taffeta silk dress.  It is trimmed with ecru ribbon and lace, as well as small flowers.  The dress is in two pieces....a skirt with train and a tight-fitting bodice with short lace-trimmed sleeves.   This is a really gorgeous outfit that the photos do not do justice to!  

She's sold now.....I will not be making sorry!


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