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Dollmaking Items

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Most items on this page are returnable for any reason.  I will refund the purchase price only and not shipping.  I will ship via USPS, unless requested otherwise, and will send the least expensive way I can.  If it is stated that shipping is included in the price and you buy multiple items, I will adjust the shipping to reflect actual shipping costs.  Please email me if you have any questions about these items.  ( or  

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eyes-16-brown1.jpg (149919 bytes)eyes-16-brown2.jpg (131422 bytes)  

18mm light brown paperweights with faint threading  $25 (shipping included)

eyes-16-green1.jpg (118036 bytes)eyes-16-green2.jpg (106853 bytes)  

16mm green Hand D-24 paperweights with threading  $25 (shipping included)


leibling-body2.jpg (59064 bytes)14.5" reproduction German body made from composition.  Dollspart Daisy shoes ($20) are included.  The body is a little loosely strung and legs can be "kicky" at times. $50 (additional required for shipping)
wig-12blonde1.jpg (72265 bytes)wig-12blonde2.jpg (91347 bytes)wig-12blonde3.jpg (72456 bytes)wig-12blonde4.jpg (71470 bytes)Two 12" circumference mohair blonde wigs.  Some TLC required.  Both wigs $20...shipping included  (Doll modeling is not for sale)



wig-dollspart1872-1.jpg (189529 bytes)wig-dollspart1872-2.jpg (191834 bytes)wig-dollspart1872-3.jpg (168351 bytes)leverd-wig7B.jpg (98805 bytes)One 7" circumference mohair brown wig.  Never used and in very good condition.  $15...SOLD  



wig-imsco1.jpg (124173 bytes)wig-imsco2.jpg (115425 bytes)wig-oldbravot1.jpg (90478 bytes)wig-oldbravot2.jpg (90799 bytes)Two Bleuette-sized wigs.  The blonde wig is from Imsco and may be a good synthetic although it has the feel of human hair.  The brown wig is perhaps Bravot and is for a boy doll.  Both wigs $10...shipping included


wig-penny1.jpg (83451 bytes)wig-penny2.jpg (69705 bytes)Penny wig from Monique Dolls (now out of business).  This is a 5"-6" circumference wig, shown on an 8" antique googlie.  The wig is a synthetic mohair and is very soft and full.  $10...shipping included



wig-seeley1.jpg (151620 bytes)wig-seeley2.jpg (72458 bytes)wig-tomboy1.jpg (96280 bytes)wig-tomboy2.jpg (100179 bytes)Two never used wigs.  Dark blonde wig is from Seeley and called "Garconne".  It is 10-11" circumference synthetic wig.  I have used it on a reproduction googlie girl with a large bow and it's really sweet!  The wig on the left is a short brown mohair, 8"-9" circumference.  Both wigs for $10...shipping included


wigs--smallwigs.jpg (234815 bytes)Five wigs for very small dolls....perhaps 3" to 4-1/2" head circumference.  All are mohair.  All will require some sort of TLC.  All wigs $20...shipping included



wig-lily1.jpg (52180 bytes)wig-lily2.jpg (52077 bytes)wig-lily3.jpg (57909 bytes)wig-lily4.jpg (65914 bytes)Two 5.5" circumference mohair strawberry blonde wigs shown on a 12" reproduction Lily French Fashion.  These wigs are in very good condition and never used.  Both wigs $20...shipping included


book--babydoll.jpg (164685 bytes)The Dollmakers Workbook--Baby Dolls by Mildred Seeley.  There's more than just how to make the doll in this book.  Mrs. Seeley takes the reader into the history and background of German & baby dolls.  Paperbound.  65 pages.  Very good condition. $3 for book (additional required for shipping)
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