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Vintage & Antique Doll Clothes

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Most items on this page are returnable for any reason.  I will refund the purchase price only and not shipping.  I will ship via USPS, unless requested otherwise, and will send the least expensive way I can.  If it is stated that shipping is included in the price and you buy multiple items, I will adjust the shipping to reflect actual shipping costs.   

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fancydress4.jpg (517941 bytes)fancydress1.jpg (579452 bytes)fancydress2.jpg (446007 bytes)fancydress3.jpg (722408 bytes)The dress shown to the left is on a large 26-27" reproduction Bru doll.  I got this dress as part of a box lot and thought I would offer it here.  As mentioned this is for a large French doll.  It is newer, made with nylon lace, polyester taffeta, and polyester picot-edged ribbon.  The base of the hat is a cinnamay woven hat, covered with the nylon lace.  The outfit and hat are nicely done and may be just what you want for your large French bebe doll!  Shipping is extra.    $20


AGunderwear.jpg (83329 bytes)I don't have an American Girl sized doll to measure, but I am thinking this might fit her.  The panties' elastic waist stretches to about 12".  Waist to crotch measure 4-1/4".  The T-shirt measures about 7-1/4" long.  Chest width, measuring across, is 5" (about 10" around).  Armholes, measuring doubled and flat are about 3" (or 6" around).  This is a very nice white cotton fabric and has never been used....brand new!  Shipping extra.  $5


schoenhutunderwear.jpg (133685 bytes)These two "long johns" look like they are a copy of the original underwear that comes with a Schoenhut doll.  This is vintage underwear....perhaps made in the 1970s or 1980s (not by me....they were part of a box lot I purchased).  In full disclosure, I have tried them on the few Schoenhut dolls I own and the fit is not right....a little long in the torso a 14" one, but I think using them on a bigger Schoenhut wouldn't work either because they don't stretch enough.  Let me give you measurements to see if you have a doll that's just right!  

Length from top to leg hem = 11".  Waist measuring flat = 3-3/4".  Top to crotch = 9".  Armholes measuring flat = 3".  Shipping extra.    $5 for both

undies24A.jpg (113095 bytes)undies24B.jpg (85158 bytes)

This antique underwear set will fit a large French Fashion.  It is similar in size to the robe above---probably fitting a 24"-25" doll--but the underwear did not come with the robe.  The drawers are made of fine cotton or linen.  There's a tear in the fabric at the back closure area.  There are a few stains or age spots.  The petticoat also has some age spots (neither item has been laundered).  There are a few small splits or holes in the petticoat.    $20

Here are measurements for you to check:  Drawers waist = 10" unbuttoned.  Drawers length = 12".  Drawers crotch seam from front waistband to back waistband = 8".  Petticoat waist = 10-3/4" unbuttoned.  Petticoat length = 13-1/4".     


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