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There are several sizes of German lady dolls (three are shown in the photograph to the left---click to see a larger photo).  All three use an authentic reproduction German lady body with its very distinctive "wasp" waist and well-shaped bust.   

The largest doll, shown in the photo, is a reproduction of a 16" Kestner 162 doll.  The second doll shown in the photo is about 13" tall.  She is a reproduction of a Simon & Halbig 152 character doll....a very rare antique doll.  Patterns for both these dolls are available from multiple sources.  Susan Sirkis is one source (  She has a DVD called "Edwardian and After" (her item # WBR9) to make a complete wardrobe for the Kestner 16" doll shown (or your 16" antique German lady doll).  The DVD also offers the same outfits for an 18" German lady and a 12" German lady.  


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 18" Simon & Halbig 152 German Lady Doll.  Here are two Simon & Halbig 152 lady dolls that are available now.  One has brown painted eyes....the brown-eyed antique doll is not found as often as the blue-eyed antique doll, although both versions are rare.  Both dolls use the Seeley's LB 15 body that works nicely with this beautiful painted-eye head.  The two beautiful Bravot mohair wigs are interchangeable.   $290....the brown-eyed doll is SOLD


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 13" Simon & Halbig 152 German Lady Doll.  Shown is a Simon & Halbig 152 lady doll.  She has the wonderful reproduction lady body that is so appropriate for her.  SOLD


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24" Simon & Halbig Mary Pickford Doll.  This is the first time and only time I will be listing a Mary Pickford reproduction doll.  Mary Pickford was a famous silent film actress from the early 1900s.  She and her first husband, Douglas Fairbanks, were the first actors to start their own motion picture company.  Mary worked with the Simon & Halbig doll company in Germany to create a doll in her likeness.  Mary was a perfectionist and, after many tries (and World War I), abandoned the project.  There was one prototype made....a large doll of 42"....that surfaced several years ago.  The lady who bought this prototype worked with Seeley's doll company to have a mold made that was presented for the first time at a DAG convention.  Although Mary Pickford originally intended to have the doll on a child body, the adult features didn't work well in child proportions.  I have chosen to put this lovely head on a lady body instead and think she looks wonderful!  Included in the price is a copy of a pattern I created myself to fit this body (patterns for dress, slip, shoes & stockings).  Undressed doll & pattern--SOLD


162lady1.jpg (108088 bytes)162lady2.jpg (63900 bytes)    ladykestner4.jpg (38606 bytes)

16" Kestner 162 German Lady Doll.  Shown above is a Kestner 162 German lady doll.  As described in the section at the top of the page, a doll like this was used by Susan Sirkis to develop her wonderful Edwardian patterns.  SOLD       


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