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petite-panA.jpg (65375 bytes)petite-panB.jpg (43702 bytes)petite-panC.jpg (40918 bytes)petite-stobeB.jpg (43717 bytes)petite-stobeA.jpg (55165 bytes)

8" PAN Petite and 7-1/4" Stobe Petite---Both these dolls use the "Petite" body developed by Seeley/NYDP.  It's the same body but made in two sizes and both are cute as can be.  The PAN reproduction doll on the left is from a rare French doll made by Henri Delcroix.  She has deep blue-gray paperweight eyes and a pale blonde mohair wig.  The Stobe doll on the right has deep brown glass eyes and a pale blonde mohair wig.  $150 for each doll


schmitt1.jpg (157206 bytes)schmitt2.jpg (93609 bytes)schmitt3.jpg (51267 bytes)schmitt4.jpg (67712 bytes)schmitt5.jpg (69293 bytes)

14" Schmitt---Shown above is a reproduction of an antique Schmitt doll.  Although the name sounds like a German dollmaker, Schmitt was a manufacturer of dolls in France.  This lovely reproduction has brown Hand Glass paperweight eyes and a dark brown mohair wig.  Her painting is quite pretty, with dark eyelashes and a pinkish eyeshadow over the eyes as the antique doll would have had. 

She is wearing a vintage peach silk dress with ribbon decoration at the shoulder and lace at the hem, sleeve bottom and neck.  Her underwear is newer-made and is lace-trimmed cotton.  She is wearing leather shoes and silk knit stockings.

$400 for doll as dressed


rdtete1A.jpg (59678 bytes)rdtete1B.jpg (54601 bytes)

  17" Tete Jumeau---This girl uses the FB14 body from Seeley/New York Doll Products that is such a perfect fit for the Mary Frances wardrobe (click on this link "Mary Frances Wardrobe" to see more about the Mary Frances wardrobe).  She has dramatic paperweight eyes from Hand Glass in England and a lovely auburn human hair wig from France.  The photos make her expression perhaps a little less friendly than she is in person.  This is actually one of those dolls that I have made where I am considering keeping her for myself because I consider her so beautiful!   Doll is SOLD


ethnicteteA.jpg (97555 bytes)ethnicteteB.jpg (107021 bytes)ethnicteteC.jpg (62375 bytes)

17" Ethnic Tete Jumeau---This doll is made from the same mold as the doll shown above, except this sweet girl is a light chocolate bisque.  She has the same FB14 body from Seeley/New York Doll Products that is such a perfect fit for the Mary Frances wardrobe (click on this link "Mary Frances Wardrobe" to see more about the Mary Frances wardrobe).  Her eyes are brown paperweights from Hand Glass in England.  Her wig is medium brown human hair.  $425  SOLD


nursingbru1.jpg (62674 bytes)nursingbru2.jpg (142111 bytes)

11" Nursing Bru.  Here is a lovely Nursing Bru face.  Although she might be more correctly placed on a leather body, I think the head works quite well on this reproduction compsotion body!  She has spiral-threaded Hand eyes and a dark blonde mohair wig.  She may be able to wear some of the Bleuette-sized clothing.  $250  SOLD


lyric1.jpg (84457 bytes)lyric2.jpg (90686 bytes)lyric3.jpg (100964 bytes)

14-1/2" Tete Jumeau (reproduction doll called "Lyric Jumeau").  This is a reproduction of a Tete Jumeau that Seeley's called the Lyric Jumeau.  She has big brown paperweight eyes and a Wendy Feidt blonde mohair wig.   SOLD


Hdoll1C.jpg (71262 bytes)  Hdoll1D.jpg (47391 bytes)   HdollA1.jpg (50958 bytes)  Hdoll1B.jpg (92328 bytes)

19-1/2" H Doll.  Here are two reproductions of the very rare "H" doll by Halopeau in France.  The doll on the left has a dark brown human hair wig and gray blue Hand paperweight eyes.  The doll on the right has a blonde human hair wig and light blue Hand paperweight eyes.  $400


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