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tetejumeau-1A.jpg (93055 bytes)tetejumeau-1B.jpg (52865 bytes)       longface-1A.jpg (101252 bytes)longface-1B.jpg (52568 bytes)       tetejumeau-2A.jpg (88981 bytes)tetejumeau-2B.jpg (50242 bytes)

  Two 17" Tete Jumeaus and 17" Long Face Jumeau---These three dolls use the FB14 body from Seeley/New York Doll Products that is such a perfect fit for the Mary Frances wardrobe (click on this link to see more about the Mary Frances wardrobe).  

The Tete Jumeau on the right has blue Hand paperweight eyes and a light auburn mohair wig.  The Tete Jumeau on the left has pale blue Hand paperweight eyes and a dark blonde mohair wig.  The Long Face Jumeau in the middle has blue Hand paperweight eyes and a golden blonde mohair wig.

  Each doll is $400....all three dolls are now SOLD


nursingbru1.jpg (62674 bytes)nursingbru2.jpg (142111 bytes)

11" Nursing Bru.  Here is a lovely Nursing Bru face.  Although she might be more correctly placed on a leather body, I think the head works quite well on this reproduction compsotion body!  She has spiral-threaded Hand eyes and a dark blonde mohair wig.  She may be able to wear some of the Bleuette-sized clothing.


brupetite1.jpg (202795 bytes)brupetite2.jpg (39316 bytes)

8" Bru Petite.  The Bru shown here has blue glass eyes and a brown mohair wig.  She uses a "Petite" body.  She is dressed in a crochet dress and hat in ecru with pale pink.  She is wearing some tiny white leatherette shoes.  Outfit is SOLD....doll is still available for $175.


dressedeja-1.jpg (81199 bytes)dressedeja-2.jpg (42063 bytes)dressedeja-3.jpg (49582 bytes)dressedeja-5.jpg (50943 bytes)dressedeja-6.jpg (62455 bytes)dressedeja-4.jpg (75741 bytes)

dressedeja-7.jpg (100218 bytes)dressedeja-8.jpg (162482 bytes)preview7.jpg (213061 bytes)preview8.jpg (217318 bytes)preview9.jpg (211520 bytes)

23" EJA Jumeau ---The photos above are of a reproduction 23" EJA Jumeau--the EJA antique doll is a rare Jumeau made for only a few years in the 1880s.  This reproduction is wonderfully dressed in red silk with white lace.  (This doll is made from the same mold as the ndressed EJA shown below.)

The doll's outfit consists of cotton lace-trimmed drawers, long cotton lace-trimmed chemise, and cotton lace-trimmed petticoat.  There are also ivory silk knit socks and red leather shoes trimmed with double rosettes.  The red silk ensemble includes a red silk skirt with layers of pleated red silk and pleated white lace.  The jacket features pleated sides, with a lace trimmed bustle.  The hat is a confection of lace and red silk flowers.    Doll is $425.   Full outfit is SOLD


EJA1.jpg (73963 bytes)EJA2.jpg (104887 bytes)


8" 23" EJA ---The EJA antique doll is a very rare Jumeau made around 1882.  The antique doll is marked "EJ" over an "A".  This reproduction doll has blue-gray paperweight eyes from Hand Glass in England.  Her wig is a lovely human hair wig in dark auburn.  $425  


lyric1.jpg (84457 bytes)lyric2.jpg (90686 bytes)lyric3.jpg (100964 bytes)

14-1/2" Tete Jumeau (reproduction doll called "Lyric Jumeau").  This is a reproduction of a Tete Jumeau that Seeley's called the Lyric Jumeau.  She has big brown paperweight eyes and a Wendy Feidt blonde mohair wig.  $375




Thuillier3.jpg (52419 bytes)Thuillier2.jpg (112228 bytes)Thuillier1.jpg (88380 bytes)

19-1/2" H Doll.  This is a reproduction of the very rare "H" doll by Halopeau in France.  She has such a soft expression.  Her eyes are blue Hand paperweight eyes and she wears a gorgeous blonde wig with extensions.  $400---SOLD


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