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aamarque2.jpg (103461 bytes)aamarque1.jpg (103483 bytes)aamarque3.jpg (93888 bytes)

Shown above is a 16" A.Marque, a little smaller than the 19" reproduction A.Marque often found (the antique doll is about 22").  Even in this smaller size, the pensive expression of the antique A.Marque head is there....what a face!  This doll has gray-blue paperweight eyes.  Her body is a reduced copy of the unique body found on A.Marque dolls. This is the only one of this size that I will make.  $275  SOLD



parisbebeB.jpg (52474 bytes)parisbebeA.jpg (106271 bytes)

Shown is a 24" Paris Bebe replica that uses the Seeley FB18 body, which has become difficult to find since Seeley/NYDP no longer manufactures them.  Her dark gray blue glass eyes are so expressive.  Her wig is dark blonde mohair.  She's waiting for the perfect French costume! FYI...I will not be making another one of these dolls.  $375



longface-fb14-C.jpg (112027 bytes)longface-fb14-B.jpg (114567 bytes)longface-fb14-A.jpg (73222 bytes)

  Here is a wonderful doll that could be your Mary Frances doll.  She uses the FB14 body from Seeley/New York Doll Products that is such a perfect fit for the Mary Frances wardrobe (click on this link "Mary Frances Wardrobe" to see more about the Mary Frances wardrobe  The doll shown is a Jumeau Triste with clear, bright blue paperweight eyes and a blonde wig with extensions. Just an FYI----it has become more difficult for me to get the FB14 bodies so I may not be making many more of these!    SOLD


fb14-schmittI.jpg (198441 bytes)fb14-schmittF.jpg (109050 bytes)

One more doll that uses the FB14 body which works so well with the Mary Frances Wardrobe (see above).  This doll is a reproduction of a Schmitt....a very rare antique French doll.  I've only made one reproduction Schmitt in the FB14 size and this is she.  I will not be making another.  She has dark blue-gray glass eyes and wears a brunette mohair wig.  She's about 17" tall.    $400  


pattern-photo.jpg (143315 bytes)bebelouvre4.jpg (97050 bytes)coatembroiderycloseup.jpg (39445 bytes)gaiters2.jpg (26584 bytes)waist-closeup.jpg (54443 bytes)

PATTERN:  Ethnic Folklore Brittany Costume for 16" Doll --Seeley's FB14 body--This pattern is for a boy's French folklore costumer from the Brittany region.  It was specifically drafted to fit a Seeley's FB14 body.  The pattern includes blouse, pants, vest, cummerbund, jacket, gaiters and hat.  

$20 for the complete pattern (includes shipping in most cases)

EJA-B.jpg (77139 bytes)EJA-A.jpg (77079 bytes)

24" EJA Jumeau---Wow....what a stunner!  The EJA Jumeau antique doll is rare and was available in only one size.  This reproduction EJA has a wonderful look about her, with the splendid Hand Glass eyes and the incredible blonde mohair wig with extensions.   $425


HdollA.jpg (57498 bytes)HdollB.jpg (63224 bytes)

20" "H" doll---The French H doll is one of the rarest antique dolls.  It was made by Halopeau around 1885.  This reproduction captures a little of the haunting, pensive beauty of the doll.  She has blue Hand Glass paperweight eyes and a blonde human hair wig.  $400 SOLD


EthnicEJ-A.jpg (64485 bytes)EthnicEJ-B.jpg (59744 bytes)

23" Ethnic EJ Jumeau---This doll is a darker ethnic doll than I usually make.  She has applied ears, just like the antique EJ would have had.  Her brown eyes are mesmerizing!  $425  SOLD


schmitt1.jpg (157206 bytes)schmitt2.jpg (93609 bytes)schmitt3.jpg (51267 bytes)schmitt4.jpg (67712 bytes)schmitt5.jpg (69293 bytes)

14" Schmitt---Shown above is a reproduction of an antique Schmitt doll.  Although the name sounds like a German dollmaker, Schmitt was a manufacturer of dolls in France.  This lovely reproduction has brown Hand Glass paperweight eyes and a dark brown mohair wig.  Her painting is quite pretty, with dark eyelashes and a pinkish eyeshadow over the eyes as the antique doll would have had. 

She is wearing a vintage peach silk dress with ribbon decoration at the shoulder and lace at the hem, sleeve bottom and neck.  Her underwear is newer-made and is lace-trimmed cotton.  She is wearing leather shoes and silk knit stockings.  SOLD


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