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#1--Simon & Halbig 886.  Here are three 7" adorable Simon & Halbig 886 all-bisque dolls!  Each one has a different wig....some are mohair and some are human hair.  Their eye color may be different, too.  Look at the photos, and contact me for more information if you are interested in one of these sweet little dolls.  $150 as shown  


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#2--7-1/2" All-bisque "Wrestler."   This sweet doll is all-bisque and has a brown mohair wig and blue glass eyes.  She has black yellow boots.  She has two small carved-in teeth and earrings in her pierced ears.  $175


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#3--7" All-bisque doll with FG head.  There is a rare antique all-bisque doll that has an FG head and a body similar to the doll shown above.  I used the Belladonna molds to make the body and had a mold made of an appropriate FG head to create the doll above.  This doll has pale blue Hand Glass paperweight eyes and a lovely Bravot mohair wig in strawberry blonde.   $200 SOLD


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#4--8" Smiling Bru French Fashion on small Seeley multi-jointed body.  Although this doll is not all-bisque, she is certainly a small one!  I made only a few of these adorably small French Fashion ladies.  This doll has dark blue paperweight eyes, earrings in her pierced ears and a blonde mohair wig with a braid at the back.  She comes wearing her mesh stockings and black heeled slippers, as well as her superbly made multi-piece underwear.  Many of these 8" French Fashions made by doll artists did not have the bisque shoulderplate which was rather difficult to produce, but I was able to make a perfectly fitting shoulderplate for this doll!   She's so special....

The dolll is shown in the second row of photos dressed in a lovely blue taffeta silk dress.  It is trimmed with ecru ribbon and lace, as well as small flowers.  The dress is in two pieces....a skirt with train and a tight-fitting bodice with short lace-trimmed sleeves.   This is a really gorgeous outfit that the photos do not do justice to!  

Doll, dressed in underwear, with shoes, stockings, and doll stand $315.  Blue silk taffeta dress is $95 additional.  Shipping in the U.S. is included in the price.


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#4--Two more 7" All-bisque dolls with FG head.  The dolls shown above use the same head and mold but I have used regular glass eyes for them.  $150

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#5--9" large all-bisque doll.  This doll is one of the largest reproduction all-bisque dolls that is available.  She is a special Kestner 150 mold, with the open-closed mouth with two molded-in teeth.  The doll pictured has bright blue glass eyes and a blonde mohair wig.  She has pale blue painted stockings and black double-strapped shoes.  You can purchase her undressed or dressed

$175  undressed doll, $225 dressed doll

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