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AVAILABLE  allbisqueC.jpg (149174 bytes)allbisqueD.jpg (286136 bytes)    mary-allbisque.jpg (320219 bytes)   SOLD

#1--9" Large all-bisque doll.  These two dolls are one of the largest reproduction all-bisque dolls that is available.  They are a special Kestner 150 mold, with the open-closed mouth with two molded-in teeth.  One doll has blue glass eyes and a blonde mohair wig while the other has deep brown glass eyes and a brown mohair wig.  Both dolls have white stockings with a blue band at the top and black double-strapped shoes.  $165 (the blonde, blue-eyed doll is SOLD)


allbisque--bluebox1.jpg (54544 bytes)allbisque--bluebox2.jpg (122927 bytes)     allbisque--pinkbox2.jpg (128418 bytes)allbisque--pinkbox1.jpg (51174 bytes)

#2--Small wooden boxes with all-bisque dolls.  Shown above are 2 decorated wooden boxes that each contain a small 5" dressed all-bisque mignonette.  Each doll comes with her own hat, shown on the left hand side of the box.  $175 for each box, as shown


mignonette1A.jpg (45890 bytes)mignonette1B.jpg (105957 bytes)

#3--Shown is a 5-1/4" all-bisque Periwinkle.  This precious doll has jointed elbows!  She has tiny blue glass eyes and a blonde mohair wig with a braid down the back.  She is wearing small silk socks and pink leather shoes.           $145 undressed, $20 for the shoes & socks  --SOLD





mignonette2B.jpg (93310 bytes)mignonette2C.jpg (67084 bytes)mignonette2A.jpg (52102 bytes)mignonette2E.jpg (55326 bytes)mignonette2D.jpg (74397 bytes)mignonette2F.jpg (115804 bytes)

#4--Here is another 5-1/4" Periwinkle all-bisque doll.  This doll has a dark blonde mohair wig with a double braid down the back.  She has blue glass eyes.  She is jointed at the hip & shoulders, but not jointed at the elbows like #3 above.  She is shown in a long cotton lace-trimmed petticoat and a silk satin dress trimmed with lace and ribbon.  $145 undressed, $65 for dress set---SOLD


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