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New Doll Clothes

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Most items on this page are returnable for any reason.  I will refund the purchase price only and not shipping.  I will ship via USPS, unless requested otherwise, and will send the least expensive way I can.  If it is stated that shipping is included in the price and you buy multiple items, I will adjust the shipping to reflect actual shipping costs.   

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Miscellaneous Doll Clothing:

bluebelldress1.jpg (205793 bytes)bluebelldress2.jpg (254043 bytes)Coat, dress & bonnet set for 7-1/2"-8" doll, such as all-bisque Seeley Bluebell or 8" doll with Seeley Petite body.  The coat is an Kelly green silk, trimmed with white cotton lace and metallic trim.  The dress is a silk green and ivory stripe that can be adjusted through drawstrings at the neck and the waist.  The bonnet is natural straw and trimmed with green and ivory ribbon and flowers.  All three pieces for $75 (shipping included). 


petitedress1.jpg (177193 bytes)

Black silk taffeta dress with organdy apron and mobcap trimmed in cotton lace.  This fits a 7-1/2"-8" doll, such as an all-bisque Bluebell or 8" doll with Seeley Petite body.  All three pieces for $65 (shipping included)



bluebellhat2.jpg (63843 bytes)bluebellhat3.jpg (61179 bytes)bluebellhat4.jpg (54862 bytes)bluebellhat1.jpg (68024 bytes)Bonnet for 7-1/2"-8" doll, such as all-bisque Bluebell or 8" doll with Seeley Petite body.  The bonnet is made of natural straw, trimmed with silk ribbon, flowers and lace.  $25 (shipping included). 



leibling-dress.jpg (217619 bytes)

Here's a pretty dress made in white poly/cotton with heavy lace trim.  It has a navy jeweled-trimmed blue velvet ribbon tied at the waist.  It is shown on a 19" Mein Leibling.  It's possible that this dress may fit an American Girl doll although I don't have an AG doll to test for fit.  Here are some measurements that may help:  13-1/2" Length, 4-1/2" shoulder to shoulder, 3" sleeve length, 10-1/2" high waist, 7-3/4" closed neck, 4-1/4" around sleeve cuff.  $25 for the dress....shipping included..  



Clothing for the 15" French Fashion with Dollspart body:
huretdress.jpg (276870 bytes)

Spring dress made from Janet Hollingsworth's UFDC Doll News pattern.  This is a lovely sea-green cotton fabric, with white and yellow flowers. strewn across.  The color is more vibrant in person!  Cotton lace adorns the sleeve ruffles and collar.  $70 for the dress....shipping included. 

outfit18.jpg (176349 bytes)outfit19.jpg (227113 bytes)outfit17.jpg (256791 bytes)

The jacket and skirt shown to the left is made from a beautiful blue print cotton.  The jacket is lined.  Both pieces are trimmed with narrow black velvet ribbon.  Accompanying these pieces is a sleeveless white dotted Swiss blouse.  These items are made from a pattern available from Mary Ann Shandor.  All three pieces for $100 (shipping included). 


Past Fashions:

outfit11.jpg (220744 bytes)outfit12.jpg (557308 bytes)outfit13.jpg (202368 bytes)outfit14.jpg (204493 bytes)outfit15.jpg (231818 bytes)outfit16.jpg (94864 bytes)





This is a lovely outfit...a wedding dress made from ivory silk dupioni.  The skirt has an attached underbodice.  The skirt has wide lace at the hem, trimmed with narrow lace and a ruffled ivory silk ribbon trim.  The separate bodice is lace trimmed and has flower decoration.  The bodice features a beautiful bustle in back!  Included is a cotton net, lace-trimmed wedding veil.  All three pieces for $250 (shipping included).  SOLD

 outfit6A.jpg (189716 bytes)outfit8A.jpg (96722 bytes)outfit7A.jpg (180567 bytes)outfit9A.jpg (92897 bytes)

Shown above is an outfit made from the Harlequin pattern designed by Nicky Burley and offered in UFDC Doll News magazine (Fall 2020).  It is shown in red and gold silk, trimmed with bronze metallic trim, tiny bronze bell and a white organdy collar trimmed with seed beads.  She is wearing a matching hat and necklace.  SOLD

outfit1.jpg (220963 bytes)outfit4A.jpg (260833 bytes)outfit3A.jpg (209875 bytes)outfit2.jpg (241981 bytes)outfit5A.jpg (85355 bytes)

Shown above is a dress made from a Carmel Doll Shop pattern.  The blouse is made from a Mary Ann Shandor pattern.  The dress is made from a wine plaid lightweight silk.  The pleated ribbon is silk taffeta.  The blouse is pin-tucked in the front and is made from lace-trimmed organdy.  SOLD

outfit5.jpg (381576 bytes)outfit6.jpg (348374 bytes)outfit3.jpg (145071 bytes)outfit4.jpg (112248 bytes)outfit7.jpg (366127 bytes)outfit8.jpg (363910 bytes)outfit10.jpg (80393 bytes)outfit9.jpg (58827 bytes)

Shown above is an outfit for the Dollspart French Fashion body that makes a 15" doll.  This outfit includes a fine white cotton blouse trimmed with Swiss embroidery and lace, a silk dupioni blue & white gingham Huret-style dress trimmed with Venise lace and white silk soutache, a solid blue dupioni silk cape lined in white cotton and trimmed with silk rayon ruffled jacquard trim and white silk soutache, and a straw bonnet trimmed with silk ribbon, flowers and a feather.  All four pieces for $175 (shipping included).  SOLD

betty--peach1.jpg (246040 bytes)betty--peach2.jpg (228028 bytes) betty--lavender1.jpg (194815 bytes)betty--lavender2.jpg (176908 bytes) bluebirddress1.jpg (224349 bytes)bluebirddress2.jpg (252414 bytes) 15outfitA.jpg (232911 bytes)15outfitB.jpg (234368 bytes)    

Peach silk ribbon dress is SOLD ($175--100% cotton point d'esprit).  Lavender silk ribbon dress is SOLD.  Bluebird dress is SOLD.  Turquoise silk ribbon dress is SOLD.


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