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KR114B.jpg (108733 bytes)KR114C.jpg (111589 bytes)KR114D.jpg (86124 bytes)

21" K*R 114 Gretchen.  This doll I've had for a long time....she's one of the first dolls that I made!  These great Seeley bodies are so hard to find now and this one is in lovely condition.  She has a new auburn mohair wig and black leatherette shoes.  $175  


SHchar1.jpg (110899 bytes)SHchar3.jpg (116984 bytes)SHchar4.jpg (134540 bytes)SHchar2.jpg (125799 bytes)

20" Simon & Halbig 151 Character.  Doesn't this Simon & Halbig girl have a great face?  There's so much personality!  This reproduction painted-eye character has an auburn mohair wig.  I have her on a stocky French body rather than the thinner German ones because I like the body proportion I like.  In the last photo she is wearing a simple blue and white cotton dress I picked up from somewhere.  This dress could be a great basis for something nice....add trim, add an overdress of tulle or many possibilities!  $185  


2016daisyA.jpg (72244 bytes)2016daisyB.jpg (69897 bytes)

18" Kestner Daisy.    The lovely Daisy shown above is available now.  She is just a little larger than 18" but the Daisy clothes will fit her with no problem.  She has beautiful blue glass eyes and a blonde mohair wig set in the Daisy style.  Her reproduction composition body has a wonderful color and finish.  SOLD  


fany1.jpg (78348 bytes)fany2.jpg (60421 bytes)fany3.jpg (68741 bytes)fany4.jpg (62741 bytes)fany5.jpg (74907 bytes)

14" Armand Marseille "Fany".  The antique doll made by Armand Marseille and marked "Fany" on the back of the head is a rare character child.  This reproduction Fany has a chubby composition body with slant joints at the hip.  She has blue glass eyes and a closed mouth.  Her strawberry blonde human hair wig is imported from France.  She is wearing a pale yellow vintage organdy dress with pale pink embroidery.  Her drawers and slip are newer-made from cotton fabric and trimmed with lace.  She is wearing knit socks and leather shoes.  So gorgeous and ready to put on your shelf!   SOLD


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