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All my Bleuette reproductions use the JN body.  Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger version.

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SFBJ60-80A.jpg (243479 bytes)SFBJ60-80B.jpg (102157 bytes)


#1--SFBJ 60 8/0--Seeley's Gold mold.  This doll is made from the Seeley's Gold mold for the SFBJ 60 8/0 Bleuette.   She has beautiful blue paperweight glass eyes and an open mouth with carved-in teeth.  Her wig is a light brown human hair wig from Bravot  $225  SOLD

littlestarA.jpg (109470 bytes)littlestarB.jpg (94439 bytes)

#2--Simon & Halbig 1448--Seeley's Little Star mold.  This doll is made from the Seeley's Little Star mold.  The antique doll is considered a hard-to-find character doll from Simon & Halbig.  This sweetie has striking blue eyes and a strawberry blonde human hair wig from Bravot.  $225  SOLD

bleuettedaisyA.jpg (109623 bytes)bleuettedaisyB.jpg (102538 bytes)

#3--Kestner DaisyThis cute doll is a reduced version of the beloved 18" Kestner Daisy.  Since she's on a Bleuette body, she can wear all the great clothes that Bleuette wears.  She has blue eyes with upper mohair lashes and painted lower lashes.  Her open mouth has four set-in teeth.  Her blonde Daisy wig is a "loaner" from another doll.....a new Daisy wig is on order for her!  Once it comes in, the photos will be updated.  $225  SOLD

9-20-bleuette4A.jpg (99722 bytes)9-20-bleuette4B.jpg (103873 bytes)

#4--SFBJ 301--Seeley's Silver mold.  This doll is made from the Seeley's Silver mold for the SFBJ 301 Bleuette.   This is an ethnic version.  She has dark brown glass eyes and an open mouth with 4 set-in porcelain teeth.  She has upper mohair lashes and a black mohair wig.  $225

bleuette-july10A.jpg (78838 bytes)bleuette-july21-10B.jpg (100760 bytes)     bleuette-july21-11A.jpg (102855 bytes)bleuette-july21-11B.jpg (91485 bytes)

#5--Ethnic Premiere Bleuette.  Here are two ethnic Premiere Bleuettes.  Both have dark brown glass paperweight eyes and both have mohair wigs.  They also have open mouths with four small inset teeth.    Each doll is $225...Doll on right is now SOLD. 


ethnicsfbj2A.jpg (109223 bytes)ethnicsfbj2B.jpg (74420 bytes)     bleuette-july21-9A.jpg (137104 bytes)ethnicsfbj1B.jpg (166472 bytes)

Sold--Ethnic SFBJ 60 8/0---Seeley's Gold moldThe dolls shown here are made from Seeley's Gold Bleuette mold...the SFBJ 60 8/0 model.  One doll has dark brown glass eyes, the other has hazel brown glass eyes.  (both dolls are now SOLD) 


bleuette-july21-4A.jpg (164620 bytes)bleuette-july21-4B.jpg (94077 bytes)

Sold--SFBJ 301---Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg moldI don't make these Bleuette reproductions too often and mine certainly don't compare with Barbi's beautiful 301s!  Here is a sweet miss, with green glass eyes and auburn human hair.  She has upper mohair lashes and an open mouth with molded teeth.  SOLD

ethnicjunebugA.jpg (136160 bytes)ethnicjunebugB.jpg (69713 bytes)

Sold--June Bug.  When I make a June Bug doll, from the sculpt by Betty Bailey, it always turns out so adorable!  This doll uses the Bleuette body and can wear Bleuette clothes, of course.  She has dark brown glass eyes and a Bravot human hair wig in black.  SOLD  


bleuette-july21-3A.jpg (225986 bytes)bleuette-july21-3B.jpg (116833 bytes)     bleuette-july21-8A.jpg (161987 bytes)bleuette-july21-8B.jpg (81531 bytes)

Sold--Bru Jeune.  Here are two Bru Jeune reproduction dolls.  This 11-12" version, using the Bleuette body, is such a wonderful size!  Since she is a Bleuette "friend", she can wear Bleuette's clothing.  The Bru Bleuette on the left has striking blue paperweight glass eyes with a blonde mohair wig.  The doll on the right has deep brown glass paperweight eyes with an ash blonde mohair wig.  Both are now SOLD


  bleuette-july21-12A.jpg (122069 bytes)bleuette-july21-12B.jpg (84142 bytes)  bleuette-july21-13A.jpg (90679 bytes)bleuette-july21-13B.jpg (79624 bytes)  bleuette-july21-6A.jpg (175827 bytes)bleuette-july21-6B.jpg (97224 bytes)  bleuette-july21-7A.jpg (196967 bytes)bleuette-july21-7B.jpg (102508 bytes)

Sold--6/0 Bleuette--my mold.  I worked with a moldmaker to have my own version of the 6/0 Bleuette made.  She is the model that was right after the Premiere Bleuette.  I haven't made any of these dolls for about two years, but here are four of them, ready to be adopted by you!  The wigs shown here, and on this Bleuette page, are always interchangeable.  (All dolls are SOLD)


10-20-bleuette251A.jpg (83944 bytes)10-20-bleuette251B.jpg (73922 bytes)

Sold--SFBJ 251.  Isn't she adorable?  Just a beautiful doll, with special blue glass eyes and a strawberry blonde human hair wig.  She has an open mouth with two molded-in teeth and a separately applied tongue.  SOLD


  9-20-bleuette6A--try.jpg (126754 bytes)9-20-bleuette6B.jpg (110679 bytes)

Sold--Premiere JumeauThis reproduction Bleuette is a Premiere Jumeau.  She has blue glass eyes and an auburn mohair wig.  She has an open mouth with four inserted teeth.  SOLD

bleuette-2019-5B.jpg (122258 bytes)bleuette-2019-5A.jpg (75539 bytes)bleuette-2019-5C.jpg (95645 bytes)   

Sold--Nursing BruThis Nursing Bru is so sweet!  She is another Bleuette friend, using the Bleuette body.  She has an open mouth, dark brown eyes and a short dark brown mohair wig.  Her painting is exquisite!  She wears a small turquoise bead necklace and earrings.  Her baby bonnet and dress are from a Bleuette Le Semaine de Suzette pattern.  There are no underclothes included, but I'm sure her new maman can remedy that!  SOLD


bleuette-2019-1A.jpg (70586 bytes)bleuette-2019-1B.jpg (117772 bytes)

Sold--A.Thuillier.  This reproduction doll is copied after a rare French doll by A.Thuillier.  She has dark brown paperweight eyes and a honey blonde mohair wig.  She wears Bleuette-sized clothing.  SOLD

star2A.jpg (101281 bytes)star2B.jpg (88291 bytes)

Sold--Simon & Halbig 1448Here is a S&H 1448.  This doll has deep blue glass paperweight eyes and a brown human hair wig from Bravot.  SOLD 

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