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Bleuettes and Friends

All my Bleuette reproductions use the JN body.  Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger version.

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 augbleuette8A.jpg (56038 bytes)augbleuette8B.jpg (55785 bytes)  

#1--Bru JeuneHere is a lovely Bru Jeune.  This doll has spiral-threaded eyes and wears a blonde mohair wig.  $275 


augbleuette4A.jpg (66033 bytes)augbleuette4B.jpg (57727 bytes) 

 #2--Tete JumeauThis doll is from the Nordquist Premiere mold.  She has a closed mouth and beautiful gray-blue paperweight eyes.  Her wig is a dark blonde mohair.    $275--SOLD



augbleuette3A.jpg (59114 bytes)augbleuette3B.jpg (59511 bytes)  

#3--A.Thuillier.  This is a Bleuette friend....a reproduction of a rare A.T.  She would look lovely in the early Bleuette fashions and the classic French designs from 1885-1890.  She has lovely Hand Glass spiral threaded paperweight eyes and an auburn mohair wig.  $275 SOLD 



augbleuette2A.jpg (76490 bytes)augbleuette2B.jpg (70999 bytes)  

#4--SFBJ 60 8/0 (Seeley's Gold).  This mold always produces one of the most pleasant faces of all the Bleuettes, I think.  She has green paperweight eyes and an auburn human hair wig.   $275 SOLD  



augbleuette5A.jpg (64935 bytes)augbleuette5B.jpg (65025 bytes)  

#5--Unis France 301 (Barbi Kantor-Goldenberg's mold).  Here's a caramel-eyed cutie with a dark blonde human hair wig.  $225  SOLD



augbleuette6A.jpg (68173 bytes)augbleuette6B.jpg (56390 bytes)  

#6--Premiere Bleuette.  This Nordquist mold Premiere has very dramatic coloring with her chocolate brown eyes and dark brown mohair wig.  $250 



augbleuette7A.jpg (65422 bytes)augbleuette7B.jpg (61244 bytes)  

#7--Tete JumeauHere is a lovely closed-mouth Tete Jumeau reproduction that uses the Bleuette body.  This doll has blue spiral-threaded paperweight eyes and a dark blonde mohair wig.  $275 



bleuette-mar15-O.jpg (128461 bytes)bleuette-mar15-P.jpg (58164 bytes)

#8--Simon & Halbig 1488 on Bleuette body.  Shown is a reproduction of a rare German character doll....a Simon & Halbig 1488.  She has brown eyes and a blonde mohair wig.  She uses a Bleuette body so that she can wear all of the great clothes that a Bleuette does!!    $235 SOLD


augbleuette10A.jpg (59026 bytes)augbleuette10B.jpg (53323 bytes)

#9--6/0 Bleuette--my mold.  I worked with a moldmaker to have my own version of the 6/0 Bleuette made.  She is the model that was right after the Premiere Bleuette.  This sweetie has blue glass eyes and an auburn human hair wig.  She has an open mouth with four inset teeth.  $265  


augbleuette11A.jpg (61892 bytes)augbleuette11B.jpg (56181 bytes)

#10--Long Face Jumeau.  Here's a Bleuette-sized doll I haven't offered before.  This is a very-reduced size Long Face Jumeau.  Her gray-blue eyes are very pretty and she wears a dark blonde mohair wig.  $225  SOLD



augbleuette13A.jpg (52354 bytes)augbleuette13B.jpg (52220 bytes)

#11--6/0 Bleuette--my mold.  Here's another wonderful 6/0 Bleuette, a reproduction of the model right after Bleuette.  This darling has gray-blue glass eyes and a pale blonde mohair wig set in cute braids.  She has an open mouth with four inset teeth.  $265   SOLD 



augbleuette9A.jpg (84646 bytes)augbleuette9B.jpg (65238 bytes)

#12--Unis France 301 (Barbi's mold).  This doll is another Unis France 301 reproduction.  She has blue glass eyes, upper mohair lashes and an auburn human hair wig from France.  $225  



augbleuette12A.jpg (59075 bytes)augbleuette12B.jpg (52919 bytes)

#13--Unis France 301 (Barbi's mold).   This doll is from the same mold as #12.  She's painted a little differently, with golden-yellow eye shadow.  She has a bright red wig and blue glass eyes.  $225


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