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FGhead-SP-1.jpg (61543 bytes)FGhead-SP-2.jpg (73182 bytes)FGhead-SP-3.jpg (104835 bytes)

Shown are a head, shoulderplate and lower arms to make a 22" FG French Fashion lady, an impressive size to add to your French Fashion collection.  She's got deep brown paperweight eyes.  The wig in photo 3 is not included but shown so you can see how beautiful she looks with a wig.  Her head circumference is 8-3/4".  From head to bottom of shoulderplate is about 5-1/4".  Create-A-Doll makes lovely leather bodies and can work with you to make this set a complete doll (  NOW SOLD



 tete1907head1.jpg (99578 bytes)tete1907head2.jpg (156448 bytes)

Shown above is a Jumeau 1907 reproduction head.  It is a large head, with a circumference of 16".  The blond human wig in the second photo (not for sale with the doll) is a size 14-15 wig.  The head has an open mouth with six carved-in teeth.  Her Hand Glass paperweight eyes are an unusual lavender color...very striking!  She is ready to be put on a French body that is about 20" tall to make a 26" doll.  Perhaps you have a reproduction French doll of that size and you wanted to change out the head....this head would be a perfect solution!    NOW SOLD

tetejumeauhead2.jpg (71910 bytes)tetejumeauhead3.jpg (122846 bytes)tetejumeauhead4.jpg (261239 bytes)

Shown above is a Tete Jumeau reproduction head.  This head has slightly under 14".  The blond human wig and the bonnet shown in two of the photos are not for sale.  The head has a closed mouth.  Her Hand Glass paperweight eyes are a gorgeous deep blue!  She is ready to be put on a French body that is about 16" tall to make a 20" doll.  You may already have a body that will work!   NOW SOLD


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