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Doll Making Supplies

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miniworldeyes.jpg (72680 bytes)  Mini World eyes.  20mm.  One pair blue, one pair brown.  $5 for two pairs

handeyes1.jpg (33110 bytes)

Hand Glass brown paperweight eyes.  Looks like 20mm.   Very pretty with threads of red, green and black swirled in with the brown!  $20  


schoepfereyes2.jpg (33813 bytes)  Schoepfer old store stock blue paperweight eyes.  24mm  $7


hand14mm-mauve.jpg (8211 bytes)  Hand Glass mauve 14mm paperweight eyes.  Original price tag says $42.  Asking $20 



DOLL MAKING SUPPLES (shipping is additional....make me an offer on all of it!):

stuff7.jpg (275064 bytes) stuff8.jpg (78292 bytes) Painting caddy.  What a wonderful invention!  I have one of these that I use and love!  Get plain white tiles from your local home improvement store to use for mixing china paints on.  When you've finished for the day, put the tile in this box and close the plexiglass door.  This provides a environment that's more dust-free.  Ingenious!  $8

stuff9.jpg (125867 bytes) A slip mixer.  Some people put this gadget on their drill and use it to stir slip.  I bought this one but never used it....I still use the old paint stir stick method, but some people swear by this!  $10

stuff15.jpg (90244 bytes)   Four boxes of cones.  There are two boxes of witness is Cone 6 (25 large cones) and one is Cone 7 (50 large cones).  There are 2 boxes of sitter is Cone 7 (50 small cones--never opened) and one is Cone 8 (50 small cones--just a few used).  $10

stuff11.jpg (73765 bytes) stuff12.jpg (57796 bytes) stuff13.jpg (19619 bytes) stuff14.jpg (70361 bytes)   Two brush-holding boxes (brushes shown are NOT included!).  Here are two items that will hold your brushes and keep them safe.  One is a brush holder from Kemper with different sized loops to hold your brushes.  The other is a pale gray plastic box with slots to hold your brushes.  $10

stuff16.jpg (29000 bytes) stuff1.jpg (74603 bytes) stuff2.jpg (24418 bytes) stuff3.jpg (22011 bytes) stuff4.jpg (21460 bytes) stuff5.jpg (110067 bytes) stuff6.jpg (98537 bytes)

So all of the stuff above is all together in one lot.  Everything is unused except for a few of the eyes sizers and a bit of the Apt II.  I'm sure there's something here that you need!  

From left to right....(1) two sanders used to clean out neck & arm sockets.  (2) Sponges, sanders, Dolly Dough, nichrome wire pins--two types--one is light and the other heavier.  (3) Close-up of nichrome wire pins (used for Christmas ornaments for instance).  (4) Close-up of heavier nichrome wire.  (5) Fourteen eye sizers--sizes 32/30, 28/26--two of them, 24/22--two of them, 20/18--two of them, 18/16, 14/16--two of them, 14/12, 12/10.  The single-headed eye sizer is 18mm.  (6) Area medium, Anti-blotch, Apt II, and Seeley's porcelain tint in Ebony and Lotus Blossom.  $20


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