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15" Chevrot Bru

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THE DOLL:  15" Chevrot-bodied Bru.  For  a few years, I've been making a Chevrot-bodied Bru in a lovely 15" size.  She's not too big and not too small....but just right for creating a lovely authentic Bru wardrobe.  Here are some lovely Brus on a leather Chevrot body.  The head, shoulderplate and arms for each Bru is poured in white porcelain and tinted with a light pink wash, just like the antique Brus were.  They come with cork pates and beautiful mohair or human hair wigs.    The lower legs are made of latex composition.  The leather bodies are cork-stuffed, giving them a wonderful feel.

   chevrotbruA.jpg (130277 bytes)chevrotbruC.jpg (327838 bytes)chevrotbruB.jpg (155958 bytes)

These Chevrot Brus have wonderful paperweight eyes made by the Hand company in England.  These eyes, whether blue, gray-blue, or brown, add such a richness and authenticity to the look of the doll.  The Chevrot-style body is made by me.  I have created my own pattern for this body, developed from a size 4 antique Bru.  $650...SOLD   



daydress-all.jpg (175318 bytes)Pattern for Chevrot-bodied Bru daydress, circa 1885.  This pattern has several pieces allowing you to mix and match to design your own dresses for your 15" Chevrot-bodied Bru!  This pattern will also fit the Seeley's FB12 body with some alteration (shorten sleeves & hem, add 1/4" to waist).  $10


    frjacket3.jpg (133393 bytes) frjacket4.jpg (135692 bytes)  dress5.jpg (101782 bytes) 




Pattern for French jacket & Skirt.  A classic French style for your beautiful Bru!  Requires some sewing skill.  $15


harlequin-main.jpg (179181 bytes)harlequinback.jpg (199829 bytes)


Pattern for Harlequin outfit.  This outfit was inspired by an antique Bru found on the cover of an Antique Doll Collector magazine (September 2003).  This pattern includes skirt, bodice, hat and shoes.  Requires some sewing skill.  $15  Here's a photo of the antique doll that provided inspiration for the outfit shown above.  Look in the September 2003 issue of Antique Doll Collector to see her and other beautiful antique Brus.   $15


ADC-bruharlequin.jpg (85901 bytes) This is the Antique Doll Collector cover that was the inspiration for the Harlequin pattern.



pattern-photo1.jpg (111829 bytes)pattern-photo2.jpg (101845 bytes)Pattern for Chevrot-bodied Bru underwear.  A very simple style and best in lightweight lawns and cottons.  $7


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