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Unless otherwise stated, all items shown on this page are returnable.  However, shipping will not be refunded.  Please email me if you have any questions!  ( or

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Here's a TLC 8" Betsy McCall doll from the 1950s-1960s.  This doll has blonde hair.  She is missing the barrette on the left side.  She has the rubber skull cap.  There is some hair loss at the upper left hand side.  The wig, other than this area, is very full and very pretty longer hair.  Her eyes open and close easily.  She does not have a crotch split.  Her knees has tiny splits and there is a small flare to each knee.  Her right leg is very loose and has just recently started to fall out when she is picked up!  Yikes!  But she could be a good "parts" doll, or another model if you have more Betsy costumes than Betsy dolls.  $25...shipping extra


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Shown in the photos is an issue of Ladies' Home Journal magazine from March 1, 1911.  This magazine is in lovely condition, with minor wear.  All pages are present.  There is a 1" tear in the page featuring the color Sherwin Williams advertisement.  These Ladies' Home Journal magazines are a great reference for fashion, advertisements, illustrations and fiction for the first part of the 20th century.

Articles and advertisements of note, shown in the photos above, include a color Sherwin Williams advertisement, a double page color spread of ladies' hat, and some beautiful paperdolls "Lettie Lane's Around-the-World Party".

This magazine is oversized at 16-1/2" x 11".  I will stabilize the mailing envelope with cardboard so it can't be bent or folded, and damage and magazine.  I will combine shipping on multiple items, if it's possible!

Price:  $20 plus $5 shipping


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Shown is an issue of Ladies' Home Journal magazine from April 1911.  This magazine does have some condition issues but is a great reference for fashion, advertisements, illustrations and fiction fro the first part of the 20th century.

The front and back covers are separated from the magazine itself, with some small tears.  The inside body of the magazine is in good condition with no missing pages.  Articles and advertisements of not, shown in the photos above, include a color ad for Liquid Veneer, a beautiful set of paper dolls "Lettie Lane's Around-The-World Party", and another color 2-page articlare on garden layout.

This magazine is oversized at 16-1/2" x 11".  I will stabilize the mailing envelope with cardboard so it can't be bent or folded, and damage the magazine.  I will combine shipping on multiple items, if possible!

Price:  $12 plus $5 shipping


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Here's a great vintage magazine---McCall's Needlework & Crafts---the Fall-Winter 1963-64 issue.

This issue has so many project!....knitting for clothing for the whole family, beginning knitting projects, coats for dogs, doll clothing, toys, and accessories.  Crocheting for afghans, family clothing, babies' wear and accessories.  Patterns for bags, dolls' clothes, and pillows.  Bazaar items to make and sell.  Decorating projects.  Craft projects for children's groups.  Loads of crafts from apple head dolls to tooled foil.  Needlework from crewel to cross-stitch to needlepoint.  Lots of old ads, too, if you're doing research on a craft or a craft-oriented company.

In the photos, I've shown men's & women's 1960s knitted sweater and jacket projects, toys & puppets, and knitted or crocheted fashion doll clothing.  If you have a particular interest in a particular area, let me know and I will pull out relevant info on that to send you, along with photos of the projects.

Please contact me with any questions.  I do combine shipping on multiple items, if possible.  For this magazine I will pack with cardbaord to prevent bending and folding.

$5 plus $5 shipping


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Shown is a vintage pair of high heels for a 21" high-heeled fashion doll from the 1950s-1960s.  The elastic is in great shape, with lenty of stretch left.  The plush lining is also in very good condition.  Just a sweet pair of shoes!    $14 (includes shipping)  


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18mm light brown paperweights with faint threading  $25 (shipping included)

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16mm green Hand D-24 paperweights with threading  $25 (shipping included)


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Here's an 11" Grodnertal reproduction doll.  This doll was made by Judith Setrffer, and is sold in the United States by Jonathan Green at his website.  This doll, on his website, is listed at $105, plus shipping.

I purchased this doll a few years ago with the plans of using her as part of a doll club projet, where each member bought a doll and would dress her.  The club went in a different direction with its monthly program but I have continued to own and enjoy this great doll, making the underwear and dress shown for her.

The underwear is 100% cotton and lace-trimmed, made to fit her exactly.  There are 3 pieces....a chemise, a pair of drawers, and a petticoat.

Her dress is of a muted 100% cotton print, trimmed at the neckline in sage green silk.  The dress is made from a Susan Sirkis pattern.  Those of you who have seen Susan's work, know that one of her favorite periods for dressing dolls included this Grodnertal era, around 1830-1860.

Price:  $150  SOLD   


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Make Your Own Classic Bears---14 Heirloom Designs.  By Julia Jones.  Hard cover.  112 pages.  Some of the bear patterns include "Early Black Bear", "Michtom Bear", "Early German Bear", "Classic White Bear", 1950s British Bear", and "Modern Bear".  The book has lots of color photos of the original bears, and step-by-step directions & photos.  The patterns are on a grid for easy resizing if you want a bigger or smaller bear.  I've made one bear from this book and was quite pleased with it!    

Price:  $5 plus $5 shipping via Media Rate   

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Contemporary Artist Dolls from Germany.  By Ann Bahar and Ingeborg Riesser.  Hard cover.  192 pages.  Published 1995 by Hobby House Press.  Some of the German doll artists include Brigitte Deval, Hildegard Gunzel, Annette Himstedt, Sylvia Natterer, Regina Sandreuter, Vers Scholz, and Rotraut Schrott.  Mostly color photos, but some black & white.  Originally published at $39.95.  Excellent condition.    

Price:  $10 plus $5 shipping via Media Rate 

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Dolls--Portraits from the Golden Age.  By Tom Kelley & Pamela Sherer.  Hard cover.  126 pages.  A beautiful "coffee table" book about dolls.  The photography by Tom Kelley is beautiful!      

Price:  $5 plus $5 shipping via Media Rate 

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