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Most items on this page are returnable for any reason.  I will refund the purchase price only and not shipping.  I will ship via USPS, unless requested otherwise, and will send the least expensive way I can.  If it is stated that shipping is included in the price and you buy multiple items, I will adjust the shipping to reflect actual shipping costs.   

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vinylcarrycase2.jpg (126790 bytes)vinylcarrycase1.jpg (54491 bytes)vinylcarrycase3.jpg (156072 bytes)Here is a 1950s-1960s vintage vinyl doll carrying case.  It is the perfect size for an 8" Betsy McCall or an 8" Vogue Ginny!  The case measures about 8-1/2" tall, 9" wide and a touch more than 3" deep.  It is in excellent condition for its age (60+ years).  There are no tears in the shiny red vinyl on the outside, or the pale blue softer vinyl on the inside.  There is some light discoloration and very light soiling on the inside light blue vinyl but nothing that distracts or keeps you from placing one of your 7-8" dolls inside this box, along with some wardrobe pieces.  Shipping is extra.  $25


coinpurse1.jpg (106904 bytes)coinpurse3.jpg (313123 bytes)coinpurse2.jpg (211555 bytes)coinpurse4.jpg (299520 bytes)coinpurse5.jpg (366248 bytes)This is anothe 1950s-1960s vintage piece that is so neat!  This is a little girl's purse.  It is one of the sturdiest, best made pieces I've seen in a while and is in excellent condition for its age.  The purse is made from a fine maroon vinyl.  The round edges are a decorative metal strip that has been folded over the edges to each side...still in great condition.  Both sides of the purse unsnap as you can see in the photos.  On one side is a plastic change-keeper that drops down.  Not shown in the photo is that each slot is marked...."25", "10", "5", and "1".  The other side holds a mirror (corroded and losing the mirrored part) and a loop of elastic...perhaps to hold something like a Chapstick?  There is stamped in light gold......"Mighty Midget" "Reg. U.S. Pat. Ofr" "PAT. PEND."  It measures about 4-3/4" from side to side and is about 1-3/4" deep.  Shipping is extra.  $25


canvaspurse4.jpg (327902 bytes)canvaspurse2.jpg (255143 bytes)canvaspurse3.jpg (282406 bytes)canvaspurse1.jpg (245331 bytes)This purse came out of a local house with other doll and toy items dating to 1910-1920.  It is made of a heavy, sturdy board, covered on the outside with a tan woven fabric, and on the inside with a green and brown stripe printed paper.  The edges of the purse look to be bound in something like light brown oilcloth.  There is a leather handle and strap with buckle to close.  This 100+ year old item is in great condition for its age.  It measures 7" across at the widest point, about 5" high, and about 4" deep at the widest point at the bottom.   Shipping is extra.  $40


easteregg1.jpg (102914 bytes)easteregg2.jpg (198475 bytes)This reproduction German Easter egg is about 6" long.  $5



miniature.jpg (109864 bytes)This is an unfinished dollhouse bookcase as well as two chairs & a tilt-top table from the well-known House of MIniatures kit series.  Although the photo is very appealing, the chairs and table are very fragile in person.  The bookcase, as stated, is unfinished.  There's a dark spot from an old price tag below the right bookcase which you can't see in the photo.  Free....shipping additional


umbrella1.jpg (234300 bytes)umbrella2.jpg (343946 bytes)umbrella3.jpg (219932 bytes)umbrella4.jpg (62452 bytes)Here's a TLC antique child's umbrella, covered in black silk.  It measures about 14" long from top to bottom, and about 20" across the top when opened.  At the umbrella opening mechanism, the brass tubing has three lines of patent information.  The first line I can't quite make out.  The second line is "Patented" and the third line is "Aug. 31, 18??".  I have a similar umbrella where the patent information is clearer.  The first line on that umbrella is "A.G.Davis".  The second line is "Patented" and the third line is "Aug. 31, 1858".  In addition, the brass tubing on the other umbrella I have says "Excelsior" at the top of the is possible that this umbrella for sale may have this also.   $25...shipping extra


trunk1.jpg (72051 bytes)trunk2.jpg (74181 bytes)trunk3.jpg (206279 bytes)Pretty on the inside. this box from one of the craft stores has been painted a dark brown with black accents on the outside. Inside is a cherry-red wallpaper with a "scrap" and gold decoration.  It measures about 5-1/4" x 3" x 3".  $5 



stand1.jpg (123960 bytes)stand2.jpg (133015 bytes)stand4.jpg (47067 bytes)stand3.jpg (106825 bytes)If you need a "caddy" to hold and neatly display all those small things you might have at a doll show, this vintage display piece might be just what you need.  I bought it at a doll show years ago so that I could store wigs in my doll workroom.  It's tall...30"+.  It comes with the metal holders...plenty there to go around all three display disks.  It can be unassembled for shipping.  There's patent or manufacturing information on the piece that puts manufacture about 1975.  $25


teaset1.jpg (150432 bytes)teaset2.jpg (73678 bytes)This vintage child's teaset is marked "Germany" on the bottom of the teapot.  It's a lovely set!  I would imagine it was made about 1910 or so.  $65



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