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EJAhead1.jpg (97098 bytes)EJAhead2.jpg (161045 bytes)

This beautiful reproduction head is taken from a rare EJA Jumeau doll.  This doll has such a pleasant expression.  The head circumference is 10" above the ears.  A Seeley FB17 body would work well with this head, although there may be other bodies that will work.  The completed doll will be about 22" tall.  The head includes the brown glass paperweight eyes from Hand Glass in England.  The blonde mohair wig is not included and only shown to give you an idea of how the head will look once wigged.  $250


fanyhead1.jpg (64018 bytes)fanyhead2.jpg (192739 bytes)

Here is an A.M. character doll, Fany.  She (or he!) is a rare pouty German character child. The photos really don't do this doll head justice in its expression.  The head circumference is 9-7/8" above the ears.  This head would work best on a 10" to 11" German body.  The head includes the blue glass paperweight eyes but does not include the brown mohair wig.  $175


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