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A Beautiful Bru

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I wanted to share photos of this very beautiful Chevrot Bru reproduction.  This 30" doll has been sold.  It was a special order that took many months to complete.  I will not be making more of this size Bru at this time but I do offer other smaller sizes of Brus on Chevrot bodies.  

This beauty has lovely light blue paperweights from the English company, Hand Glass.  Those incredible eyes make all the difference, don't they?

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She is wearing a beautiful pale blonde mohair wig, with extensions.  

Her underwear has been sewn from a Karin Buttigieg Gildebrief pattern (1992 issue.  Karin's website is ).  It includes a white cotton combination, trimmed in lace and insertion with pink silk ribbon.  The corset is made in a flowered cotton, lined with white cotton.  It laces in the back and hooks in the front.  The petticoat has a double ruffle, creating a bustle effect.  It also is in white cotton, with lace and insertion trim ,along with pink silk ribbon

The bonnet was created by me and is made from a cream colored silk dupioni.  The bonnet is wired and padded with cotton batting.  The front brim is hand-shirred.

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The doll head was painted by me, Suzanne McBrayer.  The doll parts and body were also made by me.  I tried to stay close to how the antique doll was made by having metal forms in some parts of the body.  The leather is a gorgeous off-white with the softest feel to it.  

I'm very proud of this doll...she was a hard one for me to let go!  But the new owner has her standing with his antique Chevrot Brus inherited from his mother.  What a wonderful idea...this "new" Bru can be with her "old" sisters!  I'm sure she fits right in!

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